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Tell us about the merchandise you are interested in. It could be something you found on the Internet, saw at a competitor's site, or heard from a colleague or friend.
Which particular merchandise are you interested in?
No-cost Consultation
What do we offer to each client
Free Search
Quality Audit
Merchandise Delivery
We assist you in finding goods and production sites in the Republic of China according to your request. You will receive a report in smart tables with available merchandise options, price and quality. All you have to do is choose the item which is best for you.
We assist you in ordering a sample and adequately assess its quality. We check each shipment thoroughly and share with you a photo and video report before shipping.
We select the best delivery option, insure goods against risks, and prepare all necessary documents, based on the time frame and budget you desire.
Shipping to a Marketplace
We take receipt of your goods, count the quantity, pack, label and ship it to the marketplace warehouse (FBO/FBW).
Design Development
We are experts in creating effective OEM packaging design and item cards on marketplaces that differentiate a brand from its competitors and increase sales volumes many times over. We will help you find the best marketing solution based on the budget, ambitions and scale of the brand, as well as the market situation.
Cooperative Patterns
Our team searches for a merchandise in China, checks the quality, arranges delivery to your city, labels and sends the goods to the marketplace.
Dropshipping Private Label (DPL)
Cool guys are all in!

Our team searches for a merchandise, controls quality, develops designs, creates brand packaging, arranges delivery, labels and sends goods to the marketplace.
Just shipping

Our team looks for merchandise, checks quality, and arranges door-to-door delivery to your city.
Shipping Private Label (SPL)
Speed up your merchandise!

Our team looks for merchandise, controls quality, develops designs, creates brand packaging, and arranges door-to-door delivery to your city.
Dropshipping by marketplace (DBM)
The faster you start doing it, the faster you finish.
What kinds of merchandise are we looking for?
Anything! Since we’ve been operating in the market, we have helped our customers to find quality merchandise in a wide variety of categories: children's toys, electronics, household goods, packaging, construction goods, other merchandise, production and server equipment, consumables and much more. Our multilingual and international team is ready for any request!
What do we guarantee?
After-sale Support
We are a company incorporated in China, with headquarters in Shēnzhèn, which means we have full legal capacity in China. This helps us control the quality of your merch through due diligence of the transaction as well as defend your interests in compliance with the national legislation in critical situations.
We conclude contracts on the Chinese or Russian side. We provide more than 10 payment options and guarantee the return and replacement in cases of defective merch. We provide insurance during transit. We are just taking care of our customers.
You get all reports in a format of smart tables, which are easy to use both on a desktop and a mobile device. They allow you to easily assess the selection of available merchandise, as requested, and choose the right one.
Low Price
Our offers are much more appealing than those you find on Alibaba, Taobao, And there is no secret as we work at the domestic market in China, avoiding the markup for the foreign buyer and the commission fees by the trading platforms. Our merchandise offerings are also more favorable due to tax benefits.
Why do I need an intermediary?
An intermediary is your personal assistant and a proof against risks. Whether you are ordering for the first time or are already a seasoned businessman, a reliable partner in China takes care of all the hard work.
How long does it take to find the right merchandise?
Usually, we search for your merchandise and make a search report within 1-3 business days. Sometimes, the time frame can be longer. It depends on the specificity of the merch, the number of offers and the study size through Chinese manufactures.
Can I order a merchandise with my own logo?
Yes, we offer custom design and specialize in OEM and ODM contract manufacturing upon your request. If you want to put your company logo on the merch, we will create a sample of your design, coordinate the details and supervise the batch production.
How do you control the quality of your products?
To evaluate the quality of a merchandise, we need the Customer's maximum detailed requirements specification, on the basis of which the merchandise is inspected. The results are presented in a report. On the basis of the report, the customer decides if the march meets the quality requirements.
We check the quality at every stage: from the sample check, through the production site visit and the control during the manufacturing process, all the way to the dispatch of the goods from the factory and their delivery to you. In larger shipments, we do sampling. Usually, it is 10-20% of the volume, but when agreed with the customer, we will check the entire batch for extra fee.
How to place an order?
If you have decided on the type of merchandise, please fill out the No-cost Consultation form. Our team managers will help with ordering, collecting the necessary information and answer all your questions should there be any.
How soon will I get a no-cost consultation?
Upon filling out the No-cost Consultation form, our manager will be notified about the incoming order and will respond within 1-3 days.
What is the minimum order quantity?
Each factory determines the minimum batch depending on the conditions and complexity of the order. We can help you negotiate the delivery of both a sample volume and a small batch of samples.
Can I first receive a sample merchandise?
Certainly. After all details and nuances are agreed upon, we will order a sample and can send it over to you. If you want to save time and not wait for the sample delivery, we will send you a photo-and-video report. Once the report is approved, you can order the entire batch.
How much does the merchandise search service cost?
You do not need to pay for the search. We do it for free. During the first consultation with our manager, you will define the search criteria and make a request. If you are inexperienced, we will tell you what to look for and help you take all the important details into consideration.
What kind of merchandise search do you offer?
We work with any task and are not limited to any product category. The only exception is illegal transactions. We adhere fair business practice ethics and do not participate in dubious schemes.
What are the terms of production of the batch?
Terms of production of the batch of merchandise are always individual. We surely discuss them with the manufacturer or supplier before placing the order.
What percentage of the order is withheld for your services?
We do not charge basing on a percentage rate, i.e., we do not form price for our services on basis of some percentage of order sum. Our prices are formed according to the following formula:
LEAN TRADE Price = Manufacturer's Price* + Company Service + Inspection + Problem Solving* + Delivery to Door*.
* We find manufacturers with the best prices
* Applicable to orders where inspection reveals a defect
* We calculate the best shipping options
What types of delivery are available?
  • Sea shipping: the longest and cheapest way of delivery
  • Delivery by truck takes 13-15 days or 23-25 days
  • Express air cargo delivery within 6-9 days
  • Express delivery by courier service within 1-3 days
  • Individual mixed delivery type to any city
How the delivery price is calculated?
The price is calculated depending on weight, size, volume and category of your merchandise. The faster you need to get your merchandise, the higher the delivery cost. We can help you find a reliable way to the delivery time to cost ratio.
Can I use my carrier for delivery?
Sure, you can! Just give us the address of your carrier's warehouse in China and we will deliver your merchandise to their office.
Do I need cargo insurance?
Insurance is not mandatory. It usually means an additional charge of 2-5% of the value of the shipment. You can opt out of insurance, but we recommend you don’t so that if you lose your goods, the carrier will pay the cost.
What do I do if some of the merchandise is defective?
If you received a defective item, we will first replace it and then handle the situation with the manufacturer ourselves. Our couriers will take the defected goods out and send you a replacement.
What do I do if the shipment arrives damaged?
If your shipment arrived damaged, we will file a claim with the carrier for insurance reimbursement and send you a replacement. This is possible if the goods were insured, so we definitely advise you to insure your goods before they are shipped.
Professional Advice
Tell us about the merchandise you are interested in. It could be something you found on the Internet, saw at a competitor's site, or heard from a colleague or friend.
Which particular merchandise are you interested in?
No-cost Consultation
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